Aalto University / Mikko Raskinen

HOLDEN - Ethical Design of Holography with Dense wireless Networks

Ubiquitous perception, by sensing of objects, subjects and gestures, is a pivotal challenge for future technology: it enables personalized services such as smart living, automated logistics or interaction through free-space gestures. However, it also challenges ethical and moral boundaries and threatens privacy. HOLDEN proposes a radically new approach to perception by concisely analysing ethical constraints and privacy risks while re-thinking RF-based sensing. We establish necessary conditions for privacy preserving and ethically compliant sensing and develop new paradigms respecting these constraints.

For the first time ever, HOLDEN constitutes a concentrated effort to explore social aspects of RF-sensing to guide the technological advance and to derive technology for ethically and privacy compliant perception. Central to HOLDEN is the development of ethical and privacy constraints.

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